Health Qigong · Ba Duan Jin 八段锦

The name of Baduanjin first appeared in the book Records of Yi Jianzhi - Selection of Chinese Supernatural Stories (夷坚志) written by Hong Mai (洪迈) in the Southern Song Dynasty. It showed that Baduanjin has been handed down through the ages dating back to the Song Dynasty (960-1279), and has a sitting and standing position. However the standing position Baduanjin, is the one which is more convenient for the masses to practice, and is the one which is widely spread.

"Health Qigong · Ba Duan Jin" is based on the research of Baduanjin, and has been reformed and edited as such. It maintains the essence of the traditional Baduanjin exercises, and adjusts the sequence of movements and exercises intensity according to modern sports science and physiology, and aims to achieve the effects of strengthening the body through coordinated movements, mental stimulation and breathing.

“Health Qigong · Ba Duan Jin” is both relaxing and natural, soft and slow, and lively and coherent. Suitable for different people's fitness conditions, long-term practice can help improve the functions of the respiratory system, nervous system and circulatory system. Enhancing the cellular immune function and the body's ability to resist aging, and improve mental health.

“Health Qigong · Ba Duan Jin” Movements

“Health Qigong · Ba Duan Jin” includes 8 types of movements in addition to the preparatory and closing Movements, namely:

  1. Holding the Hands High with Palms Up to Regulate the Internal Organs(双手托天理三焦)

  2. Posing as an Archer Shooting Both Left and Right Handed (左右开弓似射雕)

  3. Holding one arm Aloft to Regulate the Functions of the Spleen and Stomach - Separate Heaven and Earth(调理脾胃须单举)

  4. Looking Backwards to Prevent Sickness and Strain - Wise Owl Gazes Backwards(五劳七伤往后瞧)

  5. Swinging the Head and Lowering the Body to Relieve Stress - Sway the Head and Shake the Tail(摇头摆尾去心火)

  6. Moving the Hands down the Back and Legs, and Touching the Feet to Strengthen the Kidneys and Waist(两手攀足固肾腰)

  7. Thrusting the Fists and Glaring Fiercely to Enhance Strength(攥拳怒目增气力)

  8. Raising and Lowering the Heels to Cure Diseases(背后七颠百病消)

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